About Us

The What’s Your Issue Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization which runs an internet-based film and song competition, as well as Y/E, The Young Entrepreneur Network and a program of Video Tutorials.

The Film Your Issue competition, in its 5th year, is looking for solution-project ideas to front-burner issues from young adults 14 to 24 in a 3-minute video format, with accompanying one-sheet description.

The new Issue Song competition is looking for original 3-minute songs using the power of music to illuminate front-burner issues.

We see ourselves at the critical nexus of digital video media, user-generated-content, the internet, social networking, public service and activism – specifically geared to millennial youth 14 to 24.

We believe in the power of digital video as a social tool, and the internet and social networking as the new intersection of politics, activism and engagement.

And we want to empower and support young adults to be able to express themselves and engage in issues, using digital platforms.

And mostly, to be able to actually make a real difference – not just by buying a green product, or signing an online petition- but by tackling real issues by creating solution-project ideas that can change the world for all of us – and propel their own lives and careers. And learn some new skills, from digital video to being an entrepreneur, along the way.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of What’s Your Issue Foundation is to provide a unique national platform for young adults to propose creative solutions to some of our nation’s most important challenges and for that voice to be heard, honored, and acted upon by leaders in government, the media, the private sector, and the nonprofit world.

The broader year-round mission of this dynamic and multi-faceted initiative is to encourage and support civic engagement by young adults –  supported by an educational platform offering leadership and social entrepreneurial skills, as well as video-making skills.