some of the inflatable beer pong tables

The best beer pong tables are the ones you can pack up and take with you. With this in mind the portable beer pong tables available online are all constructed of lightweight aluminum that provides a good mix of durability and ugg classic boots weighted-ness. They can fold up much into a 2 foot x 2 foot section that can fit into any vehicle and can be set up easily in a manner of seconds. And while it’s not important to everyone, the beer pong purists will appreciate that these are the official 8 foot length, so you can rest assured you’re getting good practice for tournament play. While not being feature rich like some of the inflatable beer pong tables, these tables have all sorts of designs to add to the beer pong elements, so whether you want your Pong360 Greens beer pong table, sexy babe beer pong table or NFL beer pong table emblazoned with your favorite NFL team, you’ve got the hook up.

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