Five years ago, we had a vision to ask young adults to create 30 second films on issues that burned for them.  We asked Microsoft and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to join with us.

Over the years, we went national, then international, and partnered not only with Microsoft, but Yahoo, MySpace, MTV and Toshiba, as well as organizations and institutions from The United Nations to the Humane Society of the United States, NAACP, NRDC and Human Rights Campaign.

Along the way, we broke MSNBC’s previous video streaming online polling record – besting their SuperBowl ads poll – and last year, with MySpace, broke our own record with 500 film submissions.

And we managed to attract the interest and support of leaders from the arts, media and government as diverse as George Clooney, Walter Cronkite, Barack Obama and Anderson Cooper!

And as a new non-profit 501C3, we’re expanding again – pushing the envelope by asking for solution-project-ideas to issues, in a 3-minute film format.  And we’re starting a Issue Song competition, because we think music is a strong vehicle for social consciousness. We’re also planning on a series of video tutorials, geared toward new users.

And lastly, because we think that what we’re ultimately doing is encouraging you to be a leader – not only empowered entrepreneuer and social entrepreneur – we’re launching a young entrepreneur network to help get you there!