2010 Overview

For 2010 – our 5th year — we’re outreaching to 200 million young adults 14 to 24 to create and submit local solution-project ideas to front-burner issues, submitted digitally via three-minute videos accompanied by a one-sheet project outline.

Winning solutions – picked by an illustrious VIP Jury and the public, online – will be presented to senior officials within the Obama administration and the Republican National Committee.

Apple, Best Buy and YouTube Video for Change have joined us for 2010 as our premiere partners in this massive outreach to engage youth in solution-finding, with collaboration and participation of The Corporation for National & Community Services, American Red Cross, NAACP, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Colin Powell’s America’s Promise Alliance and others.

Tom Brokaw is heading our VIP Jury Leadership Committee, as Distinguished Honorary Jurist. Joining Tom are Deepak Chopra, Jack Black, Yoko Ono and the heads of The Oprah Winfrey Network, NAACP, Apple, Sony Pictures and others.

Our historic roster of past Jurists includes Senator Barack Obama, Walter Cronkite, Wolf Blitzer, George Clooney and Anderson Cooper.

Jack (we’re not really on first-name basis with the amazing singer-actor-activist) Black is our inaugural VIP Jurist for the new “Issue Song” competition. We’re looking for 3-minute songs from young adults 14 to 24 on any issue that burns for them, because we believe in the power of music to touch hearts and change minds – and we believe in music-making.

Winning videos and songs will also be presented at a VIP reception in Washington, DC, at our annual Awards Ceremony co-hosted by Sony Pictures at its Los Angeles studio, on iTunes – and on screens in every Best Buy store on the planet!

Prizes also include a MacBook and iPhones.

The Issue Song winner will also be presented to 70,000 industry leaders at the annual NAMM conference, and the winners will be included in a compilation CD of emerging artists in partnership with Band Together. Proceeds will benefit Gulf Coast recovery. (We are also hoping that a few VIP Music Jurists will record versions of winning songs.)

We have defined seven front-burner issues for 2009-2010: environment, education, healthcare, pathway from poverty, national security and defense, public service, human and equal rights issues.

Our catch-phrase – and if you don’t like it, come up with a better one! – is that our initiative is at the nexus of digital video media, user-generated-content, the internet, social networking, public service and activism, specifically geared to millennial young adults 14 to 24.

We also see problem-solving as an act of leadership and entrepreneurship and social entrepreneur. To that end, we are launching Y/E – the Young Entrepreneur Network. Y/E will provide valuable resources, content and tutorials from our partners to support leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

The submission period begins mid-January 2010, and runs through early April, 2010. Voting follows shortly thereafter, and winners announced in May 2010.

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